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 ·  GOP leaders look to curtail ballot initiatives after red state voters opt for legal weed, expanded Medicaid
 ·  Trump portrait displayed alongside those of other presidents
 ·  Teen arrested in connection with killing of child found in middle of Texas street
 ·  Republicans to reportedly shift focus off Biden as they prepare for midterms
 ·  S.C. governor signs bill requiring death row inmates to choose firing squad or electric chair
 ·  Supreme Court won't hear case involving the N-word
 ·  Woman accused of killing her 2 kids with meat cleaver after argument with husband
 ·  Cyclone Tauktae makes landfall in Covid-battered India
 ·  Leaked Navy video appears to show U.F.O. off California coast
 ·  Bill Gates admits affair with Microsoft employee, denies being forced off Microsoft's board over it
 ·  Biden's COVID warning: Unvaccinated 'will end up paying the price'
 ·  ‘So I raped you.’ Facebook message renews fight for justice
 ·  Israel keeps pounding Gaza to stop rocket fire: "Whatever it takes"
 ·  Evangelical leader Franklin Graham suggests Trump may be too out of shape to run in 2024
 ·  France holds global talks to offer debt relief for Sudan

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