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Yahoo News
 ·  Portland Police See 240 Percent Yearly Increase in July Shootings
 ·  Moscow Has a Field Day With Trump’s Fireworks at Mt. Russia-More
 ·  The WHO changed its coronavirus timeline to say it got its first report about the virus on the internet, not from Chinese authorities
 ·  We Fought a U.S.-China War in the South China Sea. The U.S. Navy Lost.
 ·  China detains professor who criticised Xi over coronavirus
 ·  Iran confirms damaged nuclear site was centrifuge facility
 ·  Man 'pulls gun' on Black Lives Matter protester after Trump supporters deface mural
 ·  South Korea rejects US extradition request over child abuse website
 ·  U.S. says foreign students may have to leave if their school goes online-only
 ·  Applebee’s employee dies in parking lot while celebrating July 4, Texas police say
 ·  Disappointing photos show how small Mount Rushmore is in real life
 ·  Olson Kundig’s Latest Design Embraces Its Hawaiian Habitat
 ·  NASA's powerful Hubble space telescope has beamed back a striking photo of a 'fluffy' galaxy with a ghostly, empty center
 ·  Predominantly Black armed protesters march through Confederate memorial park in Georgia
 ·  Rocket fired toward US Embassy in Iraq injures child

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