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 ·  Former Acting Attorney General: ‘Abuse of Power Is Not a Crime’
 ·  Turkey and Russia announce deal to withdraw all Kurdish forces from Syrian border
 ·  Silicon Valley CEOs Appear to Have Chosen Their 2020 Candidate
 ·  View Photos of the 2020 GMC Acadia AT4
 ·  Deep-sea researchers discover second missing Battle of Midway ship
 ·  WikiLeaks founder Assange appears confused at extradition hearing
 ·  A top Marine Corps scout sniper managed to sneak up on his enemy completely naked except for a pair of boots
 ·  This Is the Robot Tank Russia Used in Syria
 ·  Seattle Public Schools Want to Teach Social Justice in Math Class. That Hurts Minorities.
 ·  Democrats' 2020 race has a new shadow: Hillary Clinton
 ·  There's a reasonable explanation why this mom saw a 'ghost baby' in her sleeping son's crib
 ·  Turkey-U.S. Sparring Escalates as Bank Spurns NY Court
 ·  Unrest in Catalonia fuels China's accusations of Western 'hypocrisy'
 ·  Harry Dunn: Government knew American suspect was leaving UK
 ·  Indicted Giuliani associate Igor Fruman taps Manafort attorney

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