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 ·  Future COVID variants will likely reinfect us multiple times a year, experts say — unless we invest in new vaccines
 ·  Angler reels in ‘freaking scary’ fish in Texas marsh, photos show. It’s a rare beast
 ·  Guerrillas blow up a Russian armoured train in captured Melitopol - media
 ·  US intel shows Russians fear Mariupol abuse will backfire
 ·  Indian American student choked by peer receives harsher punishment than his bully from Texas school
 ·  Moments after Johnny Depp and Amber Heard tied the knot he said, 'We're married now. I can punch her in the face and nobody can do anything about it,' a former friend of Heard's testifies
 ·  SEAL Team 6 member's suicide inspires new veterans' mental health effort
 ·  Video appears to show Ukraine bombing out Russian troops in a trench and destroying an armored vehicle
 ·  ‘Doesn’t Look Like He Needs an Ambulance’: 17-Year-Old Boston Student Has Stroke In Class. School Nurse Argues with His Mom to Pick Him Up Instead of Calling 911.
 ·  California tree trimmer guilty in deadly throat-slashings
 ·  Laura Ingraham Names 'The Real Accomplices' In Buffalo Mass Shooting And We Can't Even
 ·  Rattlesnake wakes woman in middle of night, then takes over her bedroom in Arizona
 ·  20 years since Navy ship sunk for artificial reef in Keys
 ·  Nick Saban accuses Deion Sanders, Jackson State of paying player a million dollars in fiery NIL rant
 ·  Fiona Hill says Putin got 'frustrated many times' with Trump because the Russian leader 'had to keep explaining things' to him

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