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 ·  Meet Methuselah, the oldest living aquarium fish
 ·  Watch as a snow plow driver launches a spray of slush into oncoming highway traffic, leading to a 40-car accident on the Ohio Turnpike
 ·  Eric Trump's Oblivious Boast About His Father Gets A Brutal Fact-Check
 ·  Russia threatens retaliation if Ukraine demands not met
 ·  Marjorie Taylor Greene claims Biden is backing Ukraine against Russia because Ukraine 'has dirt on Hunter Biden'
 ·  ‘Bunch of Idiots’: Grown Man Accused of Spitting on and Shoving Kids for Wearing Masks
 ·  Florida senator fights back over nude images stolen from her
 ·  A Tesla driver details how he survived a 14-hour traffic jam in snowy weather with 50 miles of battery range to spare
 ·  My 15-Year-Old Student Died Of Cancer. He Gave Me A Life-Changing Gift I Never Expected.
 ·  On hot mic, Biden calls Fox News reporter 'stupid son of a b****'
 ·  Peter Robbins, voice of Charlie Brown, dies by suicide aged 65
 ·  ‘Dune’ Actress Explains Parents’ Shock Deaths: ‘I Had No Idea Their Heat Had Gone’
 ·  McDonald's offering new combo meals based on fan-inspired menu hacks
 ·  NYPD officers slam Mayor Adams for insisting they live in the city: 'Pay me enough to rent'
 ·  Chinese crypto influencer makes over $5 million in 10 days selling her photos as NFTs

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