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 ·  Vietnam sentences real estate tycoon Truong My Lan to death in its largest-ever fraud case
 ·  A Principal Confronted a Teenage Girl. Now He’s Facing Prison Time.
 ·  Missing teen never came home from school — then cops get shocking call 13 years later
 ·  Ford to send 144,000 trucks to North American dealers
 ·  Fact Check: Trump Allegedly Asked in 1995, 'Is It Wrong to Be More Sexually Attracted to Your Own Daughter Than Your Wife.' Here Are the Facts
 ·  In-N-Out’s billionaire heiress says she stood in line for 2 hours to land a job at her own store when she was just a teenager to shake the ‘stigma of being the owner’s kid’ and ‘earn respect’
 ·  US airlines ask the Biden administration not to approve additional flights between the US and China
 ·  US Navy mocked for image of captain firing gun with back-to-front scope
 ·  On eve of hush money trial, big, bold Donald Trump shows he's nothing but a giant chicken
 ·  Perimenopause is 'more than just hot flashes' — Canadian women open up about body aches, depression & migraines
 ·  85-year-old Idaho woman who killed intruder committed 'heroic act of self-preservation'
 ·  Pacific castaways’ ‘HELP’ sign sparks US rescue mission – and an unexpected family reunion
 ·  As his trans daughter struggles, a father pushes past his prejudice. ‘It was like a wake-up’
 ·  People Are Sharing The Extremely Small Inconveniences That Can Ruin A Day, And I've Never Felt So Seen In My Life
 ·  Husband of former Kansas City Chiefs cheerleader who died after stillbirth speaks out on his loss, lingering questions

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