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 ·  Sorry, Hillary: Democrats don't need a savior
 ·  Immigration officer blows whistle on 'morally objectionable' Trump asylum policy
 ·  South Carolina teen gets life in prison for deadly elementary school shooting
 ·  Jewish Groups Blast Fox News for Joe diGenova‚Äôs Anti-Semitic Soros Conspiracy Theory
 ·  The Latest: Xi says Hong Kong must end violence and chaos
 ·  Sanders, AOC to Introduce Over $100 Billion Plan to Make Public Housing Environmentally Friendly
 ·  An Air India flight was delayed nearly 12 hours after a stowaway rat was spotted in the cabin
 ·  Vietnam jails music teacher for 'undermining' state
 ·  2020 Subaru Outback vs. 2019 Honda Passport in Photos
 ·  Bolivia interim leader recognises Guaido as legitimate Venezuelan leader as balance shifts
 ·  U.S. Justice Kavanaugh upbeat in first major public speech
 ·  American war veteran who spent several days in ICE detention receives $190k settlement
 ·  GOP congressman's impeachment hearing tweets spell out 'Epstein didn't kill himself'
 ·  Kentucky's GOP governor embraces conspiracies as he refuses to concede
 ·  Key Officials Hold Meeting at Lam's Residence: Hong Kong Update

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