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 ·  3 police officers killed in Kentucky by suspect with rifle
 ·  Trump thinks announcing a 2024 run now could distract from the January 6 hearings, a report says. Some Republicans worry he could hurt them in the midterms.
 ·  A 10-year-old was forced to cross state lines for an abortion after Ohio's ban went into place. The Indiana doctor who helped her will soon be unable to assist others.
 ·  Ricky Martin faces restraining order in Puerto Rico
 ·  I Was One Of The Most Famous Pop Stars In The World. No One Knew The Secret Pain I Hid.
 ·  Family of Vancouver cop who died by suicide after alleged blackmail by her superiors sues city
 ·  World War II-era boat emerges from shrinking Lake Mead
 ·  Police say the repeal of Indiana's handgun permit law means someone openly carrying a gun can be on a sidewalk eyeing a school but cops can't legally ask them what they're doing
 ·  A judge in Brazil ordered a 10-year-old rape victim to be removed from her family and sent to a shelter to prevent her from having an abortion
 ·  Russia's messages with missiles tell West to back off
 ·  Mark Meadows’ associate threatened ex-White House aide before her testimony
 ·  Feds Detail Frantic Texts Between Driver and Organizer of Doomed Migrant Truck
 ·  Texas inmate asks to delay execution for kidney donation
 ·  'We hit some ice,' passenger on an Alaska cruise filmed the moment the ship hit an iceberg
 ·  Masked white supremacist march through Boston draws condemnation

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