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 ·  Critics warn Trump's 'poll watcher' rhetoric is a potential voter suppression tactic
 ·  Accused Gangster Charged With Ambush Shooting of L.A. Deputies
 ·  Fighter pilot ejects, jet crashes after colliding with refueling plane
 ·  Fox News host floats bonkers conspiracy theory that Joe Biden will use listening devices at debate
 ·  Portland police seize shields, arrest 24 before march; one officer hospitalized
 ·  Mike Pence reportedly overruled the CDC on extending a cruise ship ban to 2021, the latest example of the White House sidelining expert advice in the pandemic
 ·  Mass evacuations as wildfire erupts in California wine country
 ·  China clamps down on climbing 'wild Great Wall'
 ·  Mitch McConnell ‘refusing to debate his election rival if there is a female moderator’
 ·  Comey Claims He Only Learned Details of Russia Investigation Abuses from IG Report after Leaving FBI
 ·  The family of one of the officers who killed Breonna Taylor started an online fundraiser so he can retire early and focus on his 'safety'
 ·  Kuwait's emir Sheikh Sabah dies in US hospital at 91
 ·  Tow company sold vehicles of Texas military members while they were on duty, feds say
 ·  South Carolina city apologizes to Black residents for racial injustice resulting from its policies
 ·  'Basically nobody' turned off the 1st presidential debate while it was in progress

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