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 ·  Hawaii authorities say 33 swimmers were harassing dolphins
 ·  Woman diagnosed with colorectal cancer at 42 shares symptoms: 'I waited way too long'
 ·  Arizona Governor’s Press Secretary Out after Tweet Encouraging Violence against ‘Transphobes’
 ·  Police: Aaron Hernandez's brother arrested in ESPN incident
 ·  Billionaire’s son admits role in student’s ‘sex accident’ death
 ·  Beach house for sale in Florida is freaking people out with just one glance. See why
 ·  Capitol riot: FBI informant testifies for Proud Boys defense
 ·  Southern California refills its largest water reservoir for the first time in three years
 ·  I paid $500 for a private room on a 30-hour Amtrak ride that came with 2 beds and a toilet. Take a look inside.
 ·  Basic training without yelling: Army recruits get 2nd chance
 ·  Nashville mass shooting suspect misidentified on social media
 ·  Russian Ally Warns Putin: Don’t Visit—or You’ll Get Arrested
 ·  Residents of historically Black town sue to stop land sale
 ·  The jail where 18 female employees had relationships with prisoners
 ·  Jimmy Kimmel Fact-Checks Trump's Crowd-Size Boast With A Damning Photo

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