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 ·  Pennsylvania mummy 'Stoneman Willie' to receive proper burial after 128 years
 ·  McHenry orders Pelosi to vacate Capitol office in one of first acts as Speaker pro tem
 ·  'A devastating financial blow': California's so-called 'draconian' fast-food bill is now law — why a McDonald's franchisee group says it'll cost small business owners $250K a year
 ·  ‘God help us’: John Kelly issues scathing statement on Trump
 ·  Did this man's hidden camera save him from being murdered by his wife?
 ·  Jacksonville Sheriff Releases New Details Behind Brutal Beating
 ·  Mexico sends buses for migrants in south, as thousands reach northern border with US daily
 ·  Kidnapped Charlotte Sena Discovered in Cupboard of Suspect’s Home: Guv
 ·  Michigan Supreme Court refuses to hear case of James and Jennifer Crumbley
 ·  Toyota's mini Land Cruiser rumored coming in 2024 — possibly called the Land Hopper
 ·  Deer with rat trap stuck to face can’t eat or drink. Then Colorado officers step in
 ·  A man did a DNA test and learned the dark reason his dad was an orphan. He said he can't be angry at his father.
 ·  Jews spitting on the ground beside Christian pilgrims in the Holy Land sparks outrage
 ·  Trump Ordered To Shut Up Or Face 30 Days Behind Bars
 ·  House Republicans Finally Realize That Matt Gaetz Is a Raging Jerk

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