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 ·  Myanmar coup: 'Dozens killed' in military crackdown in Bago
 ·  Minnesota police shoot, kill man after traffic stop incident
 ·  Italy faces calls to come to terms with its dark wartime past 80 years after invasion of Yugoslavia
 ·  Mass flight cancellations at MIA leave passengers stranded with no hotel or rental car access
 ·  Florida cops who responded to a noise complaint at house party 'cowered away' after finding out their boss was a guest
 ·  5 killed in election violence in India's West Bengal state
 ·  Prosecution case nears end in ex-cop's trial in Floyd death
 ·  Why Prince Philip’s great-grandchildren shouldn't attend the Royal funeral
 ·  Iran calls Natanz atomic site blackout 'nuclear terrorism'
 ·  Army engineers began preparing Prince Philip’s Land Rover hearse after hospital stay
 ·  CEOs gather to speak out against voting law changes
 ·  Western U.S. may be entering worst drought in modern history
 ·  EXPLAINER: What is behind the latest unrest in N Ireland?
 ·  Three hurt in shooting outside of a Philadelphia after-hours club
 ·  Truck seized over 'munitions of war,' 5 forgotten bullets

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