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 ·  'Antifa' website cited in conservative media attack on Biden is linked to — wait for it — Russia
 ·  Cops’ helicopter got too close — so Georgia man shot it, feds say. He’s going to prison
 ·  US labels Confucius Institute a Chinese 'foreign mission'
 ·  North Korea nuclear reactor site threatened by recent flooding, U.S. think-tank says
 ·  Portland State disarms campus police after Black man's death
 ·  Bald eagle takes down government drone
 ·  Drake Bell has denied allegations of abuse made by his ex-girlfriend on TikTok
 ·  South Dakota Governor to get $400,000 security wall around residence
 ·  Cadillac will charge a subscription fee for Super Cruise, its answer to Tesla's Autopilot, after the trial period ends
 ·  Trump says fear of 'low income housing' will bring 'the suburban housewife' to his side
 ·  Herman Cain died two weeks ago, but his social media accounts are still bashing Democrats
 ·  Mauritius oil spill: Almost all fuel oil pumped out of MV Wakashio
 ·  Oregon State Police leaving Portland over lack of prosecutions
 ·  What No Student Loan Payments Until 2021 Means for You
 ·  Mysterious shark frozen at Smithsonian to study its ‘big mouth with a lot of secrets’

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