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 ·  Taliban hang body in public; signal return to past tactics
 ·  A Michigan doctor said 6 out of 8 patients who questioned his medical advice on COVID-19 have died
 ·  A 16-year-old driving a truck ran over multiple cyclists after he allegedly attempted to blow exhaust on them
 ·  Basta! Romans say enough to invasion of wild boars in city
 ·  She Bought Her Dream Home. Then a 'Sovereign Citizen' Changed the Locks.
 ·  Gabby Petito homicide: For Dog the Bounty Hunter, search for Brian Laundrie is personal
 ·  Police kill armed man on crowded Southern California beach
 ·  Fireball that ‘skimmed’ the North Carolina coast Friday was caught on video, NASA says
 ·  School bus driver stabbed to death in front of students in Washington state
 ·  North Dakota stuntman known as Flying Farmer crashes on jump
 ·  A 25-year-old who had to get a double lung transplant due to COVID-19 said his lungs look like 'chewed up pieces of bubblegum'
 ·  Lindsey Graham says that he wants Donald Trump to run again in 2024, just a few days after the former president trashed him
 ·  As Congress delays legislative action, some communities take police reform into their own hands
 ·  Brittany Aldean, her kids sport anti-Joe Biden clothing on social media
 ·  Some say COVID-19 vaccine is the 'mark of the beast.' Is there a connection to the Bible?

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