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 ·  Appeals court ruling that vacates Capitol rioter's sentence could impact dozens of Jan. 6 cases
 ·  ‘You just don’t get it.’ Judge admonishes NY man who fatally shot woman in his driveway and sentences him to 25 years to life
 ·  ‘We’re leaving!’: Rich Americans are ditching California and ‘taking their tax dollars with them — and now the tax rates they're fleeing have been raised even higher
 ·  Man charged with attacking police in Times Square, vilified in Trump ad, was misidentified, DA says
 ·  Man dies of vitamin D toxicity — experts warn the risk of overdose is real
 ·  Macy's Is Closing 50 Stores Across the Country This Year. Here's a List of Locations We Know So Far.
 ·  California governor pushes back against criticism of fast food minimum wage law
 ·  Georgia Trooper Does Brutal PIT On Fleeing Suspect
 ·  College only good for ‘being an unemployed alcoholic for four years,’ says Florida woman who dropped out and claims to earn a doctor’s salary. Is college worth it anymore?
 ·  Lawyers who voided Elon Musk's pay as excessive want a $6 billion fee
 ·  Lady Gabriella Windsor’s husband Thomas Kingston died from ‘catastrophic’ head wound, inquest hears
 ·  Restaurant staff save choking guest's life with heimlich manoeuvre
 ·  Family and advocates want solution to legal loophole after the death of Audrii Cunningham
 ·  A lone orca killed a great white in less than two minutes. Scientists say it could signal an ecological shift
 ·  The Vaccine Doctors Are Begging Every Single Person Over 50 to Get ASAP

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