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 ·  Uncontacted tribe sighted in Peruvian Amazon where loggers are active
 ·  Bitcoin Falls to $62K as Mt. Gox Transfers Over $6 Billion in Bitcoin, Signaling Major Repayment Activity
 ·  Popular Cape Cod beach ‘likely’ closed for rest of summer due to ‘potential for catastrophic event’
 ·  Baltic countries notify Russia and Belarus they will exit the Moscow-controlled electricity grid
 ·  Man shot in head six times while driving in San Diego
 ·  Atlanta man drives to South Carolina to lower Confederate flag on interstate, deputies say
 ·  Russian farmers fight to salvage harvest as major region cuts forecast
 ·  Ohio Weatherman Accused Of Beating Elderly Couple In Road Rage Fight
 ·  New study finds household appliance tied to nearly 20,000 premature deaths: 'We should focus on solutions'
 ·  Houthi rebels release video said to show latest attack on commercial vessel in Red Sea
 ·  Bill Gates Owns 275,000 Acres Of U.S. Farmland. His Answer To Why He's Buying So Much Of It Might Surprise You
 ·  11 arrested after theft investigation in north central Georgia
 ·  China strives to lure foreign tourists, but it's a hard sell for some
 ·  Secret of why Greenland sharks live so incredibly long finally revealed
 ·  Watch: Man with weapons at Cleveland airport, first charge filed

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